Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Glendo - new river

The river has seriously changed course recently. The flat grass between the trace and Big Jim is awash with stones.

The child came too. She mostly tried slabs.


Went on a solo mission on Saturday to check a few areas in Waterford. One was OK but the other, to my suprise and pleasure, was great. Lovely slopey rock. At least 20 problems with potential for a lot of variations and linkups.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Grit

Back up again last Saturday to check out more of the grit this time got a tour with some of the locals - who have been bouldering up there for the last 13 years! We visited some of the more roadside venues in on off rain and were impressed. A few boulders and two very impressive walls of minto grit. I will be back to get more photos and to climb some of the amazing looking problems.

Cuilcagh Mountain

Went up on Saturday before last to check out the famous Cuilcagh gritstone boulders. Driving up in the rain it didn't look good but it was dry in the carpark but once we reached the boulders - a mere 80 minute walk up the hill - they were shrouded in mist, it wasn't raining but the thick damp mist meant the boulders were never going to dry.

Still we were impressed, beautiful rock and a lot of it. We only explorered the first two boulder fields, there are at least two more. The big boulder is big. Home to some incredible lines. One of the most impressive boulders around.

Anyone else been?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Web guide has been taken offline

I have taken the web guide offlline. If you really really really need a copy I will email one out to you. Post up a comment here to request.