Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A first flick through the guide

Got the advance copies of the guide today. I'm very happy, was a bit nervous, a whole years work culminating in a flick through the book. The print is super sharp and the color is pretty good thought the fold eats a bit more paper than I expected but it doesn't really matter. I hope people are impressed. Its a great feeling to have it sitting on the table here beside me. All day I keep picking it up and flicking through it, you think I would be sick of it...


  1. First off I want to let you know that the guide looks amazing! Do you know when they are going to be available for purchase? My friend and I are studying abroad for the semester in Spain/Italy (we aren’t studying in the same places) but wanted to cram in as much climbing in as many places as we can before we get shipped back to the states. Recommendations will be highly appreciated especially for places that have camp grounds too! Here is my email so we don’t clog up your blog with chit-chat.


  2. Thanks Ellis. You can buy it now from http://www.theshortspan.com
    There are millions of good spots to camp in ireland. Send me an email when you have a idea where you want to go and I can be more specific.
    Wicklow is a good place for a short visit as its close to Dublin and there are lots of different bouldering areas close together.