Monday, November 28, 2011

Article about Gravity in the Sunday Business Post

I wrote an article for the SBP about Gravity.


  1. What a natural photo - I bet he didn't even know he was being snapped!

  2. Really nice article, you got skills!

    Although must pick you up on the Works being the first bouldering wall in the world - I'm not even sure it was the first in the UK?

  3. Thanks Neal. Smacks posted today on the works blog and I think he said it was the second in the UK. If you read the sentance carefully you will see a typo.

    It orginally read 'the first commerical bouldering wall' then I realised this wasn't the case and changed it to 'one of the first commerical bouldering walls' but somehow I changed it to "the first commerical bouldering walls" which is wrong on two levels.

  4. ha :) and I mis-read it as well as never even noticed the bit about the UK :)
    Great article though, think you can get it or some more similar into some more papers? Great timing with Gravity opening and all that....

  5. Yeah the timing worked out well. Would have to wait a while before another paper was interested I would think.