Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blog future

Not sure what the future for this blog is. I have been trying to post general interest irish bouldering stuff and keen away from logbook style things.  Trish's blog which seems to be very popular is logbook style but its done well so maybe I could do some of that stuff but try and do it well. Or should I start another blog for that?

I have recently embedded it on the theshortspan as a temporary measure while I figure out what to do. I would like to update theshortspan more next year with news and short articles and maybe keep the more niche personal stuff on the blog.

Would be very keen to hear suggestions on how to do it?


  1. No suggestion, just saying that I like the style a lot, and particularly the focus on exploratory stuff. No need to change anything, in my mind.

  2. Thanks for the comment Aleks. I plan to keep my focus on new stuff so that won't change.

  3. Don't think you need to change anything Dave. Personally I don't love logbook style stuff. Some days just aren't worth mentioning for the sake of keeping a regular account of things. I'd prefer to read interesting stuff infrequently than read dull stuff regularly. But that's just me.

  4. Thanks Richard. I think your right. No one wants to hear how I got on in Gravity this afternoon...

  5. Hey Davo,

    The blog's fine but to be honest, I think the website is grand on its own. Unless it is easier to publish on the blog maybe?

    Also, I lost the link of your cool-your-jets blog (which I enjoyed a lot). Do you still run it and if so, can you post up the link? Cheers.

    A kiss to the gals.

  6. Pierre the other blog is at but is a bit neglected at the moment. See you in Font.