Sunday, February 19, 2012

Three Rock

Diarmuid on SS to the middle of the Second Rock.
Photo: Ped.
Went up to Three Rock. Hadn't been for almost a year so everything felt fresh, almost new. There was a bit of a breeze but it was warm in the sun. The odd shaded corner was a bit damp or even a little icy. Played around on the back wall of the third rock which was a great sun trap. Did every little variation and then some. Then did a few nice, if a little silly variations on the second rock, great press moves on rubbish slopers. Definitely going to do up a small but detailed guide to Three Rock showing all the silly little variations and elimates, probably one for the connoisseurs.

I assume/hope that all the kids that were at the competition in Gravity yesterday made their way to Glendo today. Not sure it would of been mint though.


  1. I believe all the kids were worn out yesterday after their epic Saturday.
    Unfortunately a lot of them headed home to respective counties/countries too - will have to figure out how to turn it into a full weekend incentive in the future....

  2. Pity it would be great to give them a taste for the real thing.

  3. Wouldn't worry about it - they'll grow out of the comp scene in late teens/20's.

    Met a lot of the old UK team over the past two years and all of them went back into trad/sport/bouldering after they had quit competition circuit. They were all still strong too so looking forward to when that happens :)