Monday, January 14, 2013

Glossary of bouldering book: comments welcome

I have just finished writing a ten page glossary for my bouldering book, it would be very helpful if you had a look through it and pointed out any mistakes or omissions.

Click here to see a full size flash version.

NOTE I have uploaded an updated version.


  1. Not sure about the beta description- Does having beta necessarily imply that it is the easiest way to climb a problem - good beta Vs Bad beta?

  2. Thanks Barry, that's a good point.

  3. Met a guy last weekend in Northumberland who told me that the "gaston" move came from French aplinist Gaston R├ębuffat. I knew R├ębuffat and I knew the move but I had never made the connection. It takes an Englishman to teach French to the French :-))
    Note sure if it's relevant for your glossary though.