Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cover for new book

I'm working on the cover of my new book about bouldering. Would be great if people voted for the cover they think is best, would be great if they left their reasons as well.

Let me know (use the "Add new idea" button) if you like some aspects of one and some of another. Also let me know if you dislike them all or have any other suggestions....

Also it would be great if you let me know if you like one back cover (left hand page) over another.

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See large version of each cover below.







  1. Hi Dave
    My preference is for the second last black one with the three pictures, but that is more to do with the black. I like the first white one with a load of photos too

  2. Thanks everyone for the feedback, it's much appreciated. There seems to be strong support for the black background with the simplest layout being preffered. Based on the comments I have made two different front and back covers, a single shot and a multiple one. I shall add them to another post now. I think I will put these a facebook poll to see if I can get a wider range of opinions...

  3. Hi Dave,

    The black background is defo the way to go.
    Really like the 4 as it's not too busy but shows several angles and styles.
    There's something fluid and pleasing about the pics on the front of no4.
    Best of Luck.