Saturday, March 20, 2010

Marking major and minor problems

I have done a sample topo with minor problems marked as colored rings - the color indicating the difficulty. What do people think, should the major problem also be marked with a colored circle or would this be too much information?


  1. I wish that I was down looking at these particular boulders in person today but everything was against me getting to the meet I hope it was fun and there will be plenty of pictures to make me more sick.
    I get your point that the minor problems are highlighted because they are in colour but this effect will be lessoned if the major problems are colour coded as well. this will also mean the guide will have give someone an indication of a number of problems in the same grade near to each other so a "red" circuit can be done

  2. i think it's too busy and distracting.

  3. I used the existing guide at the meet , to find easy problems for the two beginers . I think color coding would have helped find the level of climbing I was looking for.
    we did 6,7,10 and the red,yellow in the above .

    Personaly I think the red,yellow (all probs) should still have a number against them, and a tickbox in the print guide against the description.
    And that you should extend the color coding for all probs (more info the better), in the unlikely event Im looking for a 6c circuit.

    SO I agree with you, use a redsolid circuit for classic and red ring for a minor problem of the same "red" grade

    and many thanks for last saturdays event