Monday, March 8, 2010

The upper slopes of Camaderry

Diarmuid and I spent yesterday trekking up down and across the rocky slopes of the north side of Camaderry. We saw a lot of rock, more than I have seen in a long time, the fire of Summer 2007 really cleaned the place up and the going is quite easy at the moment with no ferns and very low heather.

We climbed a bit, found a few things that we will definetly get back to. The rock quality was quite variable but was never brilliant.

The walk-in isn't that bad and for anyone who values and takes pleasure is first ascents there are some decent problems up there. Its never going to be that popular with the masses but that's their loss.

We finished up our climbing at Back to Black, Peter Tom's problem above the Miner's Track, with its fiendishly awkward topout.

Sadly I lost my favourtie green scrubbing brush somewhere along the way. Please keep an eye out for it, might have left it at the "2 Rocks" boulder. It looks like this.


  1. i don't appear to do a whole lot of climbing.

  2. Hey Dave, did anyone climb the big arete at 2 rocks yet, or AK47 or the prow to the right of so it goes ?? Me and me bro love the Glendasan problems :) Found a new line up near 2 rocks with 2 cracks crossing each other on the face making an X, looks sweet, gonna let the little lad try it soon, Ciaran

  3. Not as far as I know. I think Diarmuid and I tried it. Found it very dirty and the rock a bit scritty. Let us know how you get out with the cracks problem.