Monday, May 24, 2010

Bouldering for beginners

Beginner wise Glendo is a good spot but I can't help feel that the presence of other boulderers and problems sometimes derails their efforts to try stuff of the right level. Most of the other areas in Wicklow aren't really suited to beginners, the only one that is I think is Carrigshouk, there are some nice, easy, low problems very close to the road. I climbed a few problems on the two white rocks right beside the parking and they are great. Plenty more like that. I think it might be worth giving a page or two to describe them, do you think people will bother to seek them out though or will they just head to glendo?

Alot of the posts are quite Wicklow-centric at the moment but thats just the way it is.


  1. As a newbie I guess I might say how I am getting on
    my first try at bouldering in Wicklow was with my newbie mate and we went to Annalecka because it had lots of 4s and that was what we where aiming for at the time. But when we got there it was like a pond with decorative rocks covered in water. This didn't make us rush back so maybe we are different but we looked at the guide and used it to decide what had the most problems in achievable grade. saying that we have not left glendo since then.... We are planning on visiting more areas but just have not got round to it yet, it might be Carrigshouk on next Monday for me
    I don't know if I would agree with you about climbing at the right level. my level is 4+/ 5 (on a good day) and trying the 6a at the scalp bbq taught me about body position i knew in my head but had not needed till then and that was only doing the first 4 moves

    Sort version- yes people will seek out

  2. Thanks Simon. Its important for people new to bouldering to get up some problems. Its probably not possible for the whole guide to cater for them so I think the least it can do is have a few specific sections for them. All the easier stuff in Carrigshouk is very near the road. I could send you on the topo when I have it done. I will need to make one more visit. In fact it would be good to meet up with you there. How about that?

  3. that would be great just let me know when you are heading up

  4. Simon I'm heading on Sunday will be there from 10ish. Send us an email flanagandavid atttt hotmailll dott commmm with your number if you are interested?