Friday, May 14, 2010

First ascent details

Tim kindly lent me the Peak bouldering guide and a very nice guide it is too. In it they list the names of the first ascentist - where its known - beside the problem description.

I had a plan to place a top100/200 problems sorted by grade at the back of the book. I was planning to give the FA'ist there.

The problem with listing them in line are they (a) it might be a bit pointless if most aren't known (b) its a lot of work to establish who did what (c) can never but sure it will be correct.

What do people think is it important information?


  1. I think just do the top 100/200. The ones that were perticulaly ground breaking orslightly different. I'm not to fussed who climbed some poor problem that is only used as a warm up.

  2. Need I remind you Tim that your warmup is another person's project and that your project is another person's warmup.

  3. The person who did the FA did most of the time also clean the line, so I think it's a bit of a 'Thank you' for doing all the hard work.

  4. I agree with Chalkbag, but I also think you need to mention those 'special' lines that have resisted a bit longer.

  5. I was more meaning not everything is worthy of an fa name most people agree on quality problems accross the grade spread. not everything need go in.