Monday, March 26, 2012

Old photos

Ped on Three Rock

Ped latching the dyno on the Third Rock

More Three Rock, round the back of the Third

Ped on The Plum, Glendo

James Gernon on The Plum

Ped in The Scalp

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My makeshift bouldering mat

My tshirt boulder mat in Font

Neal in 95.2

A young Big Jim

The orginal O'Dwyer in Glendo

The group that developed Carrickinfinn, Easter 2003

Diarmuid and Ped in Tonduff, 2000?

The spooky gate in Tonduff

Ped on the slide in Tonduff

Me on a route

Kev Byrne in Glendo, 1998?
Earliest bouldering photo I have.

Sparkle on our second trip to Glenmac


  1. Nice hair Dave. Quality pics

  2. Ah the memories!!!who ate Diarmo....?!

  3. Nice One Dave, This is your life

  4. Ha sweet, the fuckin' head on ya is gas !!

  5. The memories, the original O'Dwyer has long been replaced by a newer and better version though....

  6. speaking of old stuff - The bouldering is like heroine vid - classic and well worth a repost...