Monday, February 15, 2010


Just did this up. I like the idea of blurring the boundary between action photos and topos, this photo while not great - what is Ped looking at and where are his shoes? - illustrates what I'm trying to do. Going to be a thick book if I do them all like this though. I think it works well.


  1. Works really well dude. I'm really excited about the guide if its gonna look like this !! I just saw that I got a boulder named after me at Art's lough, sweet !! Now can I please pick your brain, I'm gonna be getting back into bouldering real soon but only low ball roofs/traverses for a while due to nerve damage in my feet, got any suggestions and info about routes and areas which are brilliant but low basically ??

  2. Thanks Ciaran. I'm pleased with how the above works. Yeah your are famous now, its a nice boulder I must get back their soon. Have you been to Carrigshouk, I think it has potential for some nice lowballs worth a look and close to the road as well.