Thursday, February 11, 2010


I'm currently trying to figure out the best way to represent tree on my topos. I reckon there are 3 ways
  • Color- Main disadvantage is that I don't want to use color in my topos just black,white and grey. And large blocks of grey would look crap.
  • Side profile - This seems to be the most commonly used in other guides. Its a bit twee I think. Also it doesn't make a lot of sense as the rest of the topo/map is drawn in plan ie. looking from above but I don't think that would actually confuse anyone.
  • Plan view - My prefered option at the moment. Looks neat enough. Its easy to indicate density. Only disadvantage is it mighn't be immediatly apparent what the meaning of the symbol is. (If they where colored green it would be a big help).
 Which one is best?


  1. I like the 3 rd option although what about just using a slightly differen gray colour that would just mean trees instead if the bushy thing.

  2. i would agree that the 3rd option is probably the best and I will not be a problem with realizing that they are trees as long as they look different from the scramble rocks

  3. Yip looks good the 3rd way...fairly close to the os map way as well that way which is good

  4. Thanks Lads for the comments. I have settled - for the moment - on a very simple tree outline symbol just a triangle and a line. I will post up an example tomorrow...