Friday, February 19, 2010

The slopes of Three Rock

Many years ago I got tipped off by my almost namesake Darragh Flanagan that the quarries on the lower slopes of Three Rock might contain some bouldering, I didn't think much of it at the time but obviously stored it away deep in memory. A while ago I was using Bing Map's birds eye view and checked out Three Rock and some of the quarries that pockmark Three Rock seemed to offer some potential.

Yesterday I went to check them out. There are lots of mountain bike tracks but no bouldering. So now you know.
This is a small wall that could have one problem on it. Its beside the road mast east of the bottom edge of the Ticknock Forest. Its just a small mantle from the horizontal break and is completely not worth checking out.

This arete looks good but the rock is absolute choss unfortunantly. Its in the small quarry just beside the entrance to the Stonemasons beside the Blue Light.

This is the Stonemason's working quarry.


  1. After crossing the bridge over the m50 and just b4 the 3rock car park there is a right hand turn which leads down to a horse riding stables. Behind the stables there is a bunch of light grey/white granite boulders which would be worth checking out, I never got around to it myself. You can see the boulders from the road before you take the turn right.

  2. Are you talking about that pile of rocks on the side of that rounded hill off Kellystown Road?

  3. I think so yeah, have you checked them out before ?