Monday, August 23, 2010


Went to check out the flake near Foxford, Rooskey, Lough Easkey, Aughris and some grit over the weekend. The flake near Foxford isn't that exciting, there are a few steep problems and its an usual piece of rock. Rooskey wasn't too bad there are a few nice problems on rough granite. I'm not really a fan of Lough Easkey, the rock is a bit too rough - very similar to Derryrush - but there are a good few problems there. Aughris was brilliant. We arrived as the high tide was going out and had a great session. The cave on the right facing out was as dry as I have seen it and the sand was about 4 feet lower than when I was last there. There are some incredible sloper problems there. The grit was amazing, the rock quality is as good as the Peak, unfortunantly we were rained off before we had a chance to play on the most impressive looking of the boulders. Will be back though.


  1. Another place to check out if you're out that direction could be the East end of Keel beach on Achill island. I did a little bit of steep bouldering there a few years ago. Something like ground zero in Portrane from what I remember.

    Can't really remember much about it, but if you're in the area might be worthwhile looking at.

  2. Thanks Steve, don't think I'm going to get there this time. Will have to wait for the next edition!